About Us

Swater Flow Group Inc

Specialized in the industrial field, Swater Flow Group is a group company mainly engaged in international trades for chemical raw materials, energy storage system applications and a high end manufacturer of flow control products.

Swater, using electrode boiler, flywheel battery and more modifies power plants in flexible ways. The integrated mobile energy storage system carries out various energy transfer and storage.

We  manufacture high quality valves such as pipeline valves, butterfly valves, check valves and control valves. Our products are manufactured in our modern production units located in California, United States according to the latest standards and requirements. We provide both standard products, often in different versions, and specially designed products for various needs and situations. Our actuators and valves are widely used in long-distance pipelines, petroleum, petrochemical processing devices and other harsh working conditions.

With years of experience and R&D activities, Swater has successfully developed some high end valve products. We believe that Swater valves offer to the market the best commercial package of product quality, global representation, service, and delivery. Our self-belief is backed by a reputation with our clients who continue to re-order, relying on Swater as an integral part of their supply chain, and recognizing us as leader in our field.