Double Block and Bleed Dual Expanding Plug Valve

Double Block and Bleed

Dual expanding plug valves have a double block and bleed function up and downstream. Normally this can only be achieved by using two (2) valves and a spool piece with a drain valve. The use of a Double Block and Bleed Valve will save cost, space and maintenance for a long period.

Friction Free

An important aspect of a valve is the sealing mechanism. Almost all valves, like standard Ball, Gate and Butterfly valves have their sealing mechanism based upon shear force, friction and tearing. The sealing mechanism is based upon a radial movement only. The sealing is not liable to shear, friction or tearing. This means no abrasion on the seal and compared to other types of valves, results in an exceptional long lifetime.

In-Line Maintenance and Service

As the dual expanding valve is designed for easy and low cost maintenance, stem packings can be adjusted while the valve is in service. All valves are executed with a back seat. Bottom and top entry is possible while the valve is inline. No special tools are required.


The self-locking operate mechanism on all dual expanding plug valves provides that the closing member (plug) cannot rotate due to line forces. Therefore there is no danger of line slam, shock or injury to personnel.

Fire Safe

The plug valves have been Fire safe tested by independent laboratories and have passed the tests.


Body: Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A-216 WCC Chrome Plated Seat Area
Bonnet: Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A-216 WCC
Lower Plate: Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A-216 WCC
Solid Plug: Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A-216 WCC Electroless Nickel Plated
Slip/Seal: Cast Ductile Iron 80-55-06/Viton
Trunnion Bushings: Type 2 NI-Resist
O-Rings: Viton
Packing Gland: ASTM A-487 CA6NM
Chevron Packing: Grafoil /V-Rings
Studs: ASTM 193 B7
Nuts: ASTM 194 2H
Bleed System: Differential Thermal Relief / Manual Body Bleed


Fluoro Elastomers Slip Seal Materials
VIT Viton Standard Material
V90 Viton 90 Durometer Standard HI∆P
VGF Viton GF Viton with Enhanced Chemical Resistance
VTF Fiber Reinforced Viton Optional HI∆P
Nitrile Elastomers Slip Seal Materials
NIT Nitrile
HNBR Hydrogenated Nitrile Low Temp Nitrile
STS Modifi ed Nitrile Reformulated Gasoline Seal Material
Specialty Slip Seal Materials
ECH Epichlorohydrin Good Low Temp Material
EPDM Ethylenepropylene Ammonia but not Hydrocarbon